Psoriasis is more than just a skin condition – says NICE (October 2014)

To mark World Psoriasis Day, NICE has decided to raise awareness of the range of tools and guidance on offer to clinicians to help them diagnose and treat this debilitating skin disease.

NICE has highlighted its 2012 clinical guideline on psoriasis and the fact that clinicians should be treating the condition holistically. This means monitoring the impact of the condition (and treatments) on patients’ daily lives – this includes the effect of the condition on psychological welfare.

NICE’s 2012 guidance is complemented by its Quality Standard on Psoriasis which contains six key quality statements that have been distilled from the much larger clinical guideline. Clinicians are encouraged to think of these as the most important performance indicators when diagnosing and treating this condition.

NICE’s full news release can be found here.