Changing Faces publishes 2nd ‘Look At Me’ Campaign Report (October 2014)

Changing Faces is a UK-wide charity supporting and representing people and families whose lives are affected by health conditions, including skin conditions, marks or scars that alter their appearance.

This month the charity published its report into Integrated Care for People With Skin Conditions.

The charity which campaigns for ‘face equality’ and better quality of life for patients, said that whilst the cost of skin disease is relatively low at 2.23% of the NHS budget, the likely associated costs in mental health, or ‘psychodermatology’, are much greater. A survey by the charity found that only 11% of patients were offered psychosocial care by a health professional.

“There is huge stigma attached to skin disease,” said James Partridge, the charity’s chief executive. “Conditions are often wrongly assumed to be contagious or associated with bad hygiene, and the visibility of skin conditions mean that people have to deal with the double whammy of the reaction of others as well as the physical symptoms such as itching and pain.”

The full report and findings can be found here.