APPG on Skin surveys for ‘mental health and skin disease’ report

The APPG on Skin has launched surveys for their major new report on ‘Mental Health and Skin Disease’.

Please respond to the survey for the public:
Please respond to the survey for organisations:

Background to the report

The report expects to make a number of recommendations, including on psychodermatology coverage, service design, healthcare professional training and research priorities. It will inform national policymakers as well as local commissioners.

The impetus for producing this major report in 2020 is, in part, due to the increased public awareness around the necessity of supporting people with their psychological and mental health. Furthermore, recent announcements – including commitments in the NHS Long Term Plan to grow investment in mental health services faster than the NHS budget – indicate a policy landscape that is more willing to listen to, and incorporate recommendations, from a report on mental health and skin disease.

If you would like to learn more about the report then please contact the secretariat at