Dermatology Council for England releases FOI report (July 2015)

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Today, the Dermatology Council for England is releasing its report summarising the results of its freedom of information exercise.

The exercise, conducted using freedom of information requests sent to Clinical Commissioning Groups and provider Trusts, was designed as an experiment to try and source intelligence relating to the status of dermatology services and their capacity to deliver care within an increasingly pressurised environment. A range of questions were asked with regard to the number of permanent and temporary staff in place, the type of dermatology service commissioned, whether consultation had been carried out with service users and whether either the CCG or Trust in question had concerns with regard to the viability of the service given the current shortage of dermatological expertise.

The results are due to be discussed at today’s meeting (14th July) of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Skin.

For further details please see:

The full report: DCE FOI Report 2015 (Final)

The full CCG results: DCE – CCG FOI Database for Publication

The full Trust level results: DCE – Trust FOI Database for Publication