The AGM of the APPG on Skin

The AGM of the APPG on Skin has been rescheduled. The AGM of the APPG on Skin scheduled for 2:00PM Tuesday 3rd May Room N Portcullis House has had to be postponed due to the prorogation of Parliament. The APPG on Skin will now hold its AGM at 3:00 pm on Tuesday 24 May 2022, […]

Westminster Hall debate

Sir Edward Leigh been successful in his application for a Westminster Hall debate on the APPGS report on Mental Health and Skin Conditions published in 2020. This will take place next Tuesday 25th January at 4:30 pm and continue to 5:30 pm The debate is only open to MPS and visits to the House are […]

Psoriasis Association collaborating with Amgen

The Psoriasis Association is collaborating with Amgen to empower people living with psoriasis to feel able to speak up and talk to their doctor or nurse about the condition’s full life impact

Mental Health and Skin Disease report (2020)

The APPG on Skin has published the findings from its latest Inquiry into mental health and skin disease. More than a dozen leading doctors, specialising in dermatology and mental health led the report, as well as patient organisations, and the dermatology specialist groups, the British Association of Dermatologists, the Primary Care Dermatology Society, and the […]

APPG on Access to Medicines and Medical Devices – Specials report

The inquiry findings on Specials from the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Access to Medicines and Medical Devices has been published. The report was supported by the British Association of Dermatologists’ Medicines Working Group and the APPG on Skin. The report can be read here.

APPG on Skin surveys for ‘mental health and skin disease’ report

The APPG on Skin has launched surveys for their major new report on ‘Mental Health and Skin Disease’. Please respond to the survey for the public: or Please respond to the survey for organisations: Background to the report The report expects to make a number of recommendations, including on psychodermatology coverage, service design, […]

APPGS oral evidence session for mental health report

The next meeting, and AGM, of the APPGS will be held at 5pm on Tuesday 10th March 2020. In this evidence session, you will hear accounts from people who have benefited from psychological intervention in relation to their skin condition and also from those that have suffered terribly from a lack of support. Attendees will […]