APPGS reformation and priorities agreed (June 2015)

On 11th June the APPGS held its first meeting of the new parliament in which the secretariat and Chair of the Advisory Panel helped to facilitate the election of the Group’s parliamentary officers and sought approval for the next year’s worth of proposed activity.

The result of the election was as follows:

  • Sir Paul Beresford MP – elected Chair
  • Baroness Masham – elected Vice-Chair
  • Baroness Finlay – elected Vice-Chair
  • Cheryl Gillan MP – elected Vice-Chair
  • Mary Glindon MP – elected Secretary

The secretriat would like to thank Pauline Latham MP, David Tredinnick MP and Viscount Simon for also attending the meeting and taking part in a useful discussion.

The proposed plan of activity was accepted in full and can be found here.