APPGS Launches Sunbed Regulation Report (May 2014)

The APPGS is today launching its report on sunbed regulation. The Group’s recommendations to the Department of Health, together with contributions from consultation respondents are available via our Sunbed Inquiry Page.The Group’s core recommendations are that the scope of the sunbed regulations in England be extended to include:

  • Compliance testing for radiant exposure(dose) and irradiance limits
  • A ban on unstaffed tanning facilities
  • Appropriate screening of all customers skin type
  • Provision of balanced health information
  • Provision of safety goggles

The Government should also give consideration to revising the framework governing local authority licensing activity to allow individual councils to licence tanning facility operators if there is sufficient local demand to do so. At the very least local authorities should be able to register sunbed operators in the same way that tattoo and piercing parlours are currently registered.Over the next few weeks, we shall be pressing the Department of Health for a formal response to the Group’s report. Watch this space…