All Party Group on Skin: Annual General Meeting & Income and Expenditure Statement

The AGM of the All Party Group on Skin will take place on September 13th at 4pm (Room M, Portcullis House).  At the meeting we will be re-electing our officers and we will be seeking approval for the next years worth of work

With evidence gathered by the All Party Group following our reformation last year (see our report here) indicating that local services continue to face several challenges, we’re eager to ensure that areas of best practice are held up as examples of good care and that alternate commissioning options are thoroughly explored. In addition we are proposing to conduct work examining waiting times and skin cancer referrals. 


The APPG was reformed successfully at our AGM. You can find the agreed priorities of the Group for 2016/17 here and an Income and Expenditure Statement for the Group’s last year here.